Farmer from Mexico speaks on agriculture challenges

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG) - Farmers from around the world gathered at the World Food Prize in Des Moines as part of the Global Farmer Network, a non-profit whose mission is to insert the voice of farmers into the global dialogue regarding food and nutritional security.

Courtesy: MGN Online

One of the producers participating was Gina Gutierrez, a dairy farmer near Mexico City.

She is optimistic on the future of farming. Because of advances of technology, she can treat her cows as individuals thanks to animal devices that work like fit bits. She hopes for more synergy between farmers, the public, and politicians allowing for more choices.

She says a challenge in farming for her are global policies surrounding dairy like the difference between milk products and plant-based products that are branded as milk.

Another challenge is the urban-rural divide. As cities get bigger, more people disconnect from where their food comes from.

Gutierrez says Mexico City is massive with nearly 20 million people and struggles with hunger and poverty, "Take that in the middle of the city where there is no connection between producers and consumers that makes it even worse because they are also fed with a lot of information that is just not true, or partially true and biased. So that's one of the reasons I started advocating as well."