Farley Speedway undergoing major makeover

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FARLEY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Drivers have been kicking up dirt at the Farley Speedway since the 1960s.

It's traded ownership several times over the years, most recently, in February. The goal is to bring the glory days back to the dirt track.

Change is happening fast in Our Town Farley, almost as fast as some of the first drivers to hit the dirt under new ownership at the Farley Speedway.

Since February, fans and drivers have noticed the start of a new era.

"We plan to redo the grandstands, but we have other things we're going to do first," Ed White, Farley Speedway promoter, said. "If you would've seen the track at the end of last year compared to what you see now, we've made a lot of improvements but we still have a lot more to accomplish in the next couple of years."

Today, you'll see a 3/8th's mile track with lots of new dirt and its half mile companion gone to make room for a pit area.

"We're going to work on the pit area to make that a lot more attainable for the drivers, making it more convenient for them," White said. "The racing industry has been up and down in the past years. [There's been] a decline in attendance [and] a lot of it has to do with the economy we feel."

You wouldn't know it with packed grandstands in May for the Modified Super Weekend. It drew thousands of fans and drivers

"This is the most money we've ever raced for. We've got a good shot at it tonight we might do a little celebrating if we win it tonight,".Kyle Strickler, one of the racers in the Modified Super Weekend, said.

Strickler is from North Carolina. He took home the $50,000 prize that weekend.

"As we have more bigger events, it will be easier to put them together. This was our first event obviously and it went over very smooth," White said. "Everybody that's raced on it knows that it's going to be one of the premier dirt tracks around, it's just going to take a little time to get the track to adhere to what we're looking to do."

A new scoreboard and a go kart track for kids are two things White tells TV9 are in the plans.