Family of Missing Man Searches for Answers

Published: Feb. 15, 2016 at 3:44 AM CST
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35-year-old Vinton native Joshua Wellman was last seen after he was dropped off at the Cedar Rapids Area Substance Abuse Center November 12.

His family hasn’t seen or heard from him since.

“There’s definitely something wrong,” Wellman’s step-father Dan Walton said. “He wouldn’t go a day without talking to his sister or his mother or something. That’s just not his nature.”

They reported him missing with Cedar Rapids police a couple days later. While investigators started their search, the Waltons did their own.

“We are trying, we keep getting lured from one end of the state to the other end of the state, which is a pack of lies, but we’re trying to get him located,” Walton said.

Police didn’t have any luck either. They searched the last known area, subpoenaed financial and phone records, and interviewed individuals. No evidence was found. Now they are taking a different approach.

“The individual is entered into the national crime center database, which is a good tool for helping to locate missing persons. If the missing adult has any contact with law enforcement in the United States, it will trigger a notification to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, and at this point that has not been fruitful,” Public Safety Information Officer Greg Buelow said.

Finding a missing adult can be difficult for law enforcement. Buelow said most cases fall within three categories, they either choose to leave, have a medical issue, or foul play can be involved.

CRPD said no of those are the case with Wellman, making this case even more challenging.

“We don’t have any evidence that he went voluntarily, we don’t have any that he went involuntarily,” Buelow said. “Police don’t give up on this thing, but obviously it’s got to very frustrating for family members, we certainly understand that.”

Buelow said police are using all of the tools available to them, but the Walton family plans to continue their search.

“It’s quite obvious something has happened, let the family put him at rest,” Walton said.

They ask if anyone has any information to

them, or contact Cedar Rapids police.