Fairfield High School Senior breaks record, shares moment with her grandpa

Published: Feb. 6, 2018 at 7:37 PM CST
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Nicole Buch often discusses game strategies with her grandpa, Leonard Buch, at the Fairfield High School Gym. The 92-year-old is known for his advice.

"We've talked before you have to make four decisions in three seconds,” he said.

Even with all of the memories in this space, last Friday's game is sure to be one that sticks out. That's when Nicole beat the school record for the most points in a career.

But the shot won't be Nicole's favorite part. Instead it's when she ran over to give to the ball to her favorite fan. And Grandpa had no idea.

"Not until she came running towards me,” he said.

Nicole says she wanted to find a way to repay the man who always supports her.

"The whole moment really wasn't about me it was about him,” she said.

And who has done so much for each of his 15 grandkids. Nicole is the youngest of the crew.

And Grandpa Leonard says she's been his motivation to remain active these last few years.

"Four years I told her I want to live to see you graduate and play ball and I did I did,” he said.

It's a tradition they're going to continue. Nicole has committed to Missouri Southern to play basketball next year.

"And now I'm going to live to see her play college ball and she'll be all right."

And Nicole plans to have her grandpa with her, each step of the way.

“In the inside, I put inside Grandpa Buch. I've always played for him and this was just a reminder every game.”

Bonding over their shared love of the game, and each other.

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