Veterinarian: Johnson County horse was not shot

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG) - The Johnson County Sheriff's office has released more information in the case of the dead horse in rural Johnson County, saying that a medical examination showed the horse had not been shot.

As reported on KCRG-TV9, the Sheriff's office received a report of a horse being shot and killed by a small-caliber firearm after owner Pete Ungaro found the horse, Katie, on Saturday morning.

During the course of their investigation, the Sheriff's office commissioned a veterinarian to x-ray and examine the horse. The result was the finding that the horse had not been shot, nor did it show any obvious signs of trauma.

The Sheriff's office report contradicts what the owner of the horse initially said he found. He did not have much evidence to show who might have done it or any video of the incident. In a post on TV9's Facebook page, Ungaro said he was relying on information from the investigating detective the horse had been shot after he made his report.

"My intent was not to cause havoc, but only to catch those that were presumed to have committed the incident which was believed to have happened," Ungaro said. "I would not have provided this information if it would not have been relayed to me by the investigating officer."

Ungaro was raising money through GoFundMe for a reward to find the horse's shooter. He said that he will work with the website to return funds to those who donated now that a reward is no longer needed.

The Sheriff's office investigation is ongoing.