Experts: summer is best time to start preparing for ACT exam

Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 5:53 AM CDT
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The cost of college is a constant concern for many parents and students. Students at Iowa and Iowa State will encounter another nearly 4% tuition increase this fall for a full-load of classes.

A great score on the ACT can help pay for college. Students take the test during their junior year of high school.

Colleges will list the financial benefits for a good score on their websites.

For example, a 30 on the ACT and 3.7 GPA can add up to $5,000 a year off the price of tuition at Iowa State University. That same score with a 3.8 G-P-A gets $5,000 off at the University of Iowa, and at the University of Northern Iowa while an ACT score of 23 and 3.3 GPA can cut $1,000 off tuition.

The owner of the ACT tutoring service FinnPrep said summer is the best time to prepare for the test because there are fewer school-related activities happening.

It's also a good way to keep the brain active with no classes. The FinnPrep courses cost about $1,100, but they say the money could be worth if it gets a kid a scholarship.

They also say the questions on an ACT exam are framed differently than what most high school students experience. That's why they are pushing for people to prepare early, instead of blindly going into the test.

The scholarships from a good ACT exam can also pay for things outside of tuition, like living cost, but it also makes sure students get into a good college.

“The average ACT score at the University of Iowa is a 26,” said Kelly Finn, the owner of FinnPrep. “So sometimes it's a matter of getting admitted. Sometimes it's a matter of getting scholarship money.”

FinnPrep offers four, one on one sessions with students to prepare for the ACT. Students are also given take-home books.

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