Experts from UI offer advice on safeguarding personal Facebook info

Published: Mar. 29, 2018 at 3:51 AM CDT
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Facebook is making public new security measures to give users more control of their privacy.

This is the latest response after a third party personality quiz collected data on 50 million Facebook profiles.

Cambridge Analytica allegedly used the information gathered without the Facebook users' knowledge during the 2016 presidential election.

Facebook added privacy shortcuts, allowing people to delete anything from their timelines or profile that they no longer want to be shared.

Experts say a lot of personal information is taken when people download things like games or other third party applications.

We talked to Zubair Shafiq, an assistant professor of computer science on additional ways you can safeguard your information.

Shafiq tells us Facebook has an App portal which shows you what Apps currently have access to your Facebook page.

"It also shows you what kind of information they have access to on Facebook so you should periodically monitor that page, make sure you uninstall or delete the Apps which you do not regularly use," says Shafiq.

Shafiq says you should never download an app that you aren't familiar with.

"A lot of scammers and spammers and people who want to get hold this sensitive data which is very valuable, they may actually create these APPs to steal people's information or to get hold of people's information and later on use them in nefarious ways," he said.

If you go into your settings and click on Apps, you can actually see what Apps you have downloaded or installed.

Many of those Apps have access to your hometown, your birthday and your list of friends, but experts say you also have the option to delete those Apps so your information isn't shared.

Facebook also says in the next couple of weeks they are


They want to be more transparent with their users on what data they are collecting and how they using it.