Expansion project wraps up for Marshalltown Roundhouse

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (KCRG)- It's an iconic building in Marshall County. And this year, the Roundhouse added even more features.

The Roundhouse is home to many high school athletics.

A $7 million expansion project wrapped up this spring, to provide even more opportunities. One of the new features is a wrestling facility, located in the basement. It's in honor of Allie Morrison, an Olympic Gold Medal winner from Marshalltown.

Nearly every design of this building is some sort of tribute to Marshalltown's history. And Superintendent Theron Schutte said that's by design. Even the architects are Marshalltown alum.

“Both of our architects, our lead architect and consulting architect, were actually classmates of mine here back in 1981 when we graduated,” Schutte said.

There are also many pieces of public art around the building. Silhouettes represent former student athletes that went above and beyond in athletics, academics and community service. There is a silhouette for each sport at Marshalltown High School.