Possible expansion of I-380 to six lanes raises noise concerns for neighbors

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The Iowa Department of Transportation started the process of discussion the expansion of I-380 from a four-lane to a six-lane highway on Wednesday.

Expanding I-380 to six lanes raises noise concerns

The proposed changes would be between U.S. Highway 30 in Cedar Rapids and Forevergreen Road in North Liberty. On Wednesday, the Iowa DOT started asking people what they thought of the changes.

“I live in a really nice area, but it’s too close to the interstate,” Terry Clausen said.

Clausen has lived in his home a few hundred feet from the interstate near Swisher since 2007. He said he worries expanding the interstate is going to bring more noise.

“You have cars going down I-380 through the Corridor at 90 mph,” Clausen said. “That’s what the majority of the noise is from.”

Iowa DOT officials said expanding the road is for safety. They also predict daily drivers will rise from 50,000 to 90,000 by 2040 and said expanding the road isn’t going to create more noise.

“There are people that deal with the noise better than others,” Cathy Cutler, Iowa Department of Transportation planner, said. “If you don’t like the noise you shouldn’t live near the interstate.”

The project is not even close to being funded and likely would not begin until after the interchange project between I-380 and I-80 is completed in 2023.