In light of admissions cheating scandal, ACT details safety protocols

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) Officials at ACT are saying two former contract employees did not follow testing policies and protocol when they allegedly took part in a nation-wide college admission bribery scam.


This comes as prosecutors charged 50 people in a nationwide college cheating scam.

Academy Award winner Felicity Huffman and Full House star Lori Loughlin are among the dozens of parents, elite college coaches, and college prep executives facing charges. The criminal complaint claims some parents paid thousands of dollars to a college counseling service to cheat on the ACT or SAT.

ACT contracts with thousands of people to administer the tests locally.

One local ACT proctor said the rules have tightened up over the last five years.

Cell phones are a big factor in that.

Students need to turn off their cell phones, and if a phone rings the student has to turn in the uncompleted exam and is kicked out of the room.

Students also need to show two forms of identification to take the test.
The administrator goes over those pictures at check-in.

"And students need to show me their ticket that they print out from the ACT website that they get, their picture is on that ticket, and besides that they need to show me a drivers license or a school ID that has their picture on it as well," College Community Counselor Steve Stumpff said.

Adults are no longer allowed in testing classrooms. The counselor tells me sometimes parents want to walk or watch their kids take the exam.

College Community administers seven ACT tests a year. Those tests start at 8 a.m. Students need to line up at 7:30 to allow time for proctors to go over those forms of identification.