Elizabeth Warren: 'Corruption in Washington is everywhere'

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren kicked off her official campaign for the Democratic nomination for president in Iowa Sunday.

Senator Warren's strategy was pointing out things she said are wrong with Washington at the moment. She highlighted a goal of rebuilding the White House from the ground up, with structural change.

"End lobbyists and close the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street," said Warren. "You play for one team or the other you can't play for both at the same time."

In a packed room at the Iowa Memorial Union, Warren called out for better financial aid for American students.

"The student loan debt is snowballing by a hundred million dollars a year," said Warren.

It's something that pricked up the ears of younger voters at the University of Iowa.

"I know a lot of people that are taking out tens of thousands of dollars in loans for this school to get an education that they need to have to live a successful life here in America," said University of Iowa student Joseph Verry. "I think that's important for me to hear about as a hopeful candidate."

In her stump speech, Warren also hit on topics ranging from health-care, global warming, to Trump's goal of a more expansive border wall with Mexico.

"Immigration is not our weakness, immigration is our strength," said Warren. "Protect our dreamers."

Trump tweeted this after hearing Warren's announcement Saturday morning:

Warren said she's not giving in to the president's jabs.

"The question now is: 'Are we going to follow him on every single racist insult and taunt that he tweets or are we going to take back this conversation in America?' Talk about what is broken, talk about a better future for America," said Warren.

Warren said she's running to do more than just topple Trump. With the candidacy pool growing larger by the week, some voters might need more time to mull who should lead the Democratic ticket.

"It was wonderful," said Iowa City Resident Newman Abuissa. "She covered many, many issues domestically but she lacks on the international front and I was disappointed with that."

Warren also answered whether or not she thinks President Trump should be impeached. She said she'd prioritize getting the Mueller report back and making it public so that everybody can see it. Warren said that may be the answer or it may be that another investigation comes to maturity before that.