Eastern Iowa woman provides resource for aging Iowa population

Published: Jul. 7, 2016 at 3:45 AM CDT
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As the cost of senior care continues to rise, 23 year old Kelly Sedlacek wanted to help the many Iowans approaching retirement age.

She started

in July 2015, where her mission is to provide errand running, pet sitting, lawn care, and more. One thing she prides herself on is her home companion care services.

“After watching both of my grandmothers go in and out of care centers, and the hospitals kind of with failing health, I wanted to offer a business that was there to help others, and there’s really nothing like this in the area yet,” Sedlacek said.

She said her big goal is to help seniors continue living the way they want to.

“There’s a lot of seniors in our community that are pushed to going into care centers because there’s not the resources to help them stay in their homes longer,” she said.

The affordability of this type of service can be pricey for some seniors on a fixed income, and at times the services could not be covered by Medicare. Seniors and their families could pay more than $3,000 a month or $40 to $50 an hour for assisted living care.

Sedlacek sits down with her clients and works on a price range that fits their budget, allowing them to receive the care they need, have a clean house, and giving their families peace of mind.

Sue Dvorsky hired Sedlacek to do things around her father’s house that he can’t do anymore, but she says it’s more than just that.

“One of the things I enjoy most is it’s another relationship in dad’s life,” Dvorsky said. “I do think that at a certain point in our parent’s lives it’s the loss of relationships that begin to take a toll on them. The knees go and the other stuff starts to be problematic but I think it’s the diminishing number of relationships we see are really the most difficult thing for elderly. Living on your own is incredibly important and it’s great and independence is great, but that can be a pretty lonely path too.”

Which gives Dvorsky and her siblings a chance to relax and spend time with their father without worry. Sedlacek said knowing that makes it all worth it.

“My client’s families will just send me notes and tell me how much they appreciate me, so I feel like my work is making a difference,” she said.