Eastern Iowa woman attacked by two dogs

Published: Jan. 15, 2018 at 4:43 PM CST
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Jacobson reached out to TV9 on January 16 and said after the story ran on TV9, the woman who owned the dogs contacted her.



Elaine Jacobson says her Sunday walk through Grant Wood Trail was interrupted by a border collie. She says a woman was walking the collie and another dog without a leash.

Jacobson explains, "And then that one (border collie) attacked, and I was trying to get away, and I was backing up and the black and white dog got away from her and attacked me also."

She doesn't know how many times the dogs bit her, but she has marks all over her lower body (see video). She says, "I kind of worry about my legs, because I think that one incision may have hit a vein."

Jacobson got tetanus and rabies shots on Sunday. The dogs' owner promised to stop by her home with the medical records, but never showed up.

Jacobson says, "As sincere as this lady seemed to me, I really felt she would stop at the house and give me all the information I needed."

Workers with the Cedar Valley Humane Society recommends documenting everything from an animal bite after it happens, and going to a doctor even if it doesn't seem serious.

Director of Development and Community Outreach Preston Moore says, "An animal bite can transmit any sort of bacteria into your system. That's typically where a lot of complications come from, not necessarily from the bite itself."

Jacobson hopes the person will come by with the medical records. She wants to know if their vaccinations are updated, and if she needs to see more treatment.

She says, "I just really, really want this lady to come forward, and don't let it happen to someone else."