Eastern Iowa student take part in Tiny House Project

Published: Feb. 23, 2018 at 7:56 AM CST
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Spring is less than a month away, which means maybe you're looking for some new gardening, decorating, or interior design ideas for your home.

The Cedar Rapids Home and Builders Show is back again for another for its 39th year.

And for those of you who are familiar with the "Tiny House" movement, they'll be featuring a tiny home that was built by high school students in Eastern Iowa.

It's all part of the Greater Cedar Rapids Housing and Building Association Tiny Project.

Students from at least five other high schools spent 10 weeks remodeling the shipping container at Kirkwood Community Collge.

They worked on this project as part of their construction lab and even received college credit.

"It's definitely an accomplishment that not many people get to say that they got to have a part in, like not many people can just like walk up to you and say "Oh I got to build a Tiny House," so that's definitely something that's interesting to talk to people about when they ask about it," says Cheyanna Thomason, a Marion High School student who worked on the house.

Students tell us they installed everything from windows, cabinets, a kitchen, and a working bathroom.

The Tiny home also features LED lights, insulated windows, and an electric water heater.

Student say they now know what it takes to build a tiny home.

"It's the same stuff you're doing to build a house, you're just not putting a roof on it and just kind of like that general direction, you just have to condense everything, instead of taking like your nice full-size bathrooms or full-size kitchens, you just condense it all down," says Taylor Viktora, a Jefferson High School Student.

Students tell us these Tiny Houses are popular for those who are retiring, maybe single, or just looking to downsize to an affordable home.

This Tiny House is valued at about $24,000 and was built using donated materials.

The Tiny home will be on display at the Cedar Rapids Home Show

Friday through Sunday.

For more information on the home show, you can click