Eastern Iowa man saves Texas dog’s life

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CENTER POINT, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A five year old Schnauzer mix can thank an eastern Iowa man for his life.

On January 20, Lakhota Harker was in Mission, Texas visiting his mother. He and family were driving when he noticed something on the side of the road.

“I saw this ball of fur on the curb, little guy, and I looked and he’s just all full of blood,” Harker said. “He looked right at me.”

The dog was hit by a car. He suffered a broken pelvis, leg, and broken toes. He lost a carpal bone. He had lacerations across his body, and a hole in his stomach. Harker called animal control, but the dog’s owners did not claim him. That’s when animal control told Harker they would have to put him down.

Harker took it upon himself to take the dog to an emergency vet, who did a full evaluation.

“The vet said, you best put him to sleep, put him down,” Harker said. “It was just me and him by ourselves, so we kind of talked to each other, I petted him, and said a little prayer, and at that point I said nah, we’re going to try to save this little guy.”

The family named him Magic. After 10 days in the animal hospital, he made 21 hour trip back to Iowa for a new life. Now, he’s getting treatment at the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center.

As Magic fights, Harker is fight a battle of his own.

“Mesothelioma is a cancer that’s not curable. They’ll be able to extend my life, and maybe give me a good quality of life for several years, possibly,” he said. “Everybody’s got to have a purpose, so he’s giving me purpose.”

Harker has spent around $9,000 on him so far, but the community is stepping up to help.

“People have sent food, they’ve sent blankets, sent him a little sweater, they’ve sent him toys, it’s just phenomenal what people will do,” Harker said. “Without them, he wouldn’t be alive.”

A gofundme page has raised more than $7,000 so far, and Magic is on the road to recovery. Harker said it should be a few months and few thousand dollars before he’s living his new normal. He hopes to find a good home for Magic when he’s healed.

If you would like to help, visit this website.