Eastern Iowa lawmaker to push for legalization of sports betting

Published: Jan. 8, 2019 at 6:29 AM CST
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An eastern Iowa lawmaker says he will push for the legalization of sports betting when the legislature starts back Monday.

In May the U-S Supreme Court legalized sports betting, giving every state the opportunity to offer it. Iowa is one of six states that doesn't allow it.

A bill that Democratic Senator Jeff Danielson out of Waterloo wants to introduce would include legalizing betting on games.

As well as fantasy sports like draft kings and fan duel.

One debate on sports betting is whether it's skill or luck.

"If you look at the spectrum at whether the game is chance or skill, it's clear that sports wagering is a game of skill," he said. "It's peer to peer. It's the ability to collect information, analyze it, trust your own judgment with some money on the line."

Republican House Representative Ashley Hinson from Marion weighed in on the issue.

She said she thinks lawmakers need to be thoughtful about their approach so they can discuss the issue with constituents and get feedback.

LIke other states that have legalized it, Danielson says it won't be that big of a revenue booster.

He only sees it bringing in a couple of million dollars per year to the state.