SYC: Eastern Iowa Girl Scout Troop receives high honor

Published: Feb. 19, 2017 at 7:49 AM CST
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Seven fifth graders at Center Point-Urbana Intermediate School put in more than a dozen hours each to earn the Bronze Award. It’s the highest award a junior scout can earn.

To earn the award, a troop has to come up with a sustainable project and each girl has to put in a total of 20 hours to complete it. Troop 8645 came up with something positive.

“We wanted to do a positivity campaign, so “we did paint the world a better place”, and we wanted to do bright colors,” Girl Scout Emerson Fleming said. “It means show your true color.”

Those words are painted on a bright wall mural in the hall of school. They also spent three hours building a bulletin board with another positive message.

“If anybody walked by this sign or a wall, they would feel instantly happy. If they’re having a bad day, it would cheer them up,” scout Madalyn Staggs said.

The girls also spent hours working on bookmarks for every student.

“We had to make over 300 hundred of them for our whole school,” Madalyn said. “Each of us had to do an hour of it and then we all grouped together and did some.”

After the work was done, the girls stood in front of the school and explained their work at an assembly. Their troop leaders Melissa Hamer and Kristy Staggs couldn’t be more proud.

“It was very exciting that the girls came up with this positivity campaign, and to see it all the way through and to see them complete it was such a great feeling,” Staggs said. “They’re all great hard working girls, all seven of them are excellent.”

The girls will head to Camp Liberty in April. That’s where they will be honored and receive their Bronze Award.