Dyersville library addresses fiscal and paranormal concerns over ghost hunters

Published: May. 23, 2018 at 2:14 PM CDT
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Staff members at the James Kennedy Public Library in Dyersville are convinced- there must be something spooky going on inside the walls.

Recently it caught the attention of the Dyersville city council- once council members realized the library brought in ghost hunters to see if there was any paranormal activity.

Board members with the James Kennedy Public Library are required to submit the minutes from their meetings to the Dyersville City Council. Upon review of the minutes, members of the city council began asking questions- mainly, who paid for these ghost hunters to come to the Dyersville library?

At least half of the staff members at the Dyersville library say they have seen or heard things when alone in the library.

It is a topic they have not been shy about sharing, with one staff members going as far to say they would not work in the library alone ever again.

Then recently staff members were approached by a longtime library goer, who said she might be able to get them in touch with a team of ghost hunters.

"We have shared some of our stories with her, and all of a sudden in February she said: 'hey I actually know this paranormal group. I bet they would come do it,' said Assistant Library Director Dawn Schrandt. "And she reached out to them and they said they would do it for free. So we did not have to pay for it, they gladly donated their time."

Schrandt is one of those staff members who has seen and heard weird occurrences between the bookshelves, especially when she is the first one into the library in the morning.

The library is only 14 years old, but Schrandt said it was built on the site of a hotel from the 1800's, which theoretically could be the source of the paranormal activity.

According to Schrandt, at least half of the staff members at the library have cited weird and unexplained occurrences.

For example, before the library closes, staff members ensure all books are neatly organized- but it has not stopped some from seeing books out of place.

People have heard footsteps, the wooden chairs moving around the middle of the library.

Paul Zurawski, a Teen and Young Adult Librarian at the Dyersville library, recalled hearing a loud thud one morning in the back of the library, and he went to investigate.

”And there was a young adult book just in the middle of the aisle," Zurawski said. "I have no clue where it fell from, there wasn’t like a loose end cap it could have come off of. There wasn’t an empty spot on the shelf you could see it clearly fell off from. It was just there in the middle of the floor. And I’m like 'oh great, I’m going to be the cold opening of a horror movie victim here.'"

Zurawski said since the ghost hunters came staffers have not seen many weird occurrences, but now will await the results of the ghost hunters.

The results will not be available for 4 to 6 weeks, but the staff said they will not reveal the data until the fall when they plan to bring back the ghost hunters this fall to show what they found and the tools they used to find it.