Dust steps down from role in Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber

Published: Jan. 16, 2018 at 10:50 AM CST
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The CEO of the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber, Steve Dust, has announced he will be leaving the organization.

Dust helped create the GCVAC 14 years ago when he was recruited to the executive role of the economic development entity.

“I’m not retiring, I’m transitioning out of my role as CEO,” Dust said. “After thoughtful consideration, I’ve come to realize that the skills needed to unify, build and develop the Alliance & Chamber over the last 14 years are very different than the skills needed to move the Alliance & Chamber to the next level.”

Dust said a transition plan has been created that can run until June 30. During the interim period, Dust will be helping the executive committee find a replacement while managing day-to-day operations and making fundraising calls for the Alliance & Chamber's campaign.

Bob Smith, chairman of the GCVAC board and president of Lockard, noted several successful milestones under Steve’s leadership over the Alliance & Chamber’s first decade and reflected on the Alliance’s shift in focus in 2014 to developing and funding long-term programs for talent recruitment and retention.

"We saw Steve bring business, higher education and community leaders, as well as educators and students, together to collaborate in forming the Inclusion Partnership, #LivetheValley, #WorktheValley, Leader Valley Foundation and more,” Smith said.