Dubuquers attend livestream of ACLU's Resistance Training event

Published: Mar. 11, 2017 at 11:15 PM CST
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About 60 people in Dubuque joined groups across the country for what the American Civil Liberties Union called 'resistance training'.

Discussion centered around finding ways to resist the Trump administration.

Steve Drahozal, one of the organizers for the live-streaming event, said, "We've seen that the Trump agenda is one that suppresses civil liberties. So we just want people to be aware of their rights. So this is the first of many discussions that we are going to be having."

People had many different reasons for attending.

Elaine Klein says an important issue to her is protecting the environment.

"We've got to do something because it looks like, especially with the environment, it's on us now, I don't know that we are going to get help from the federal government. So that's important to me," Klein said.

Kim Mangers says her number one concern is health care.

She said, "I feel bad for people that have no insurance or no help whatsoever, where some of us do have that help."

Speakers at the ACLU event in Miami announced a new campaign that calls for freedom cities, which would welcome all immigrants.

"People are going to be encouraged to meet with law enforcement officials in Dubuque County to talk about those and to find out how many of those policies Dubuque County is following," Drahozal said.

Klein says she's ready to put this new guidance into practice.

"We're in such a negative space right now and I think it would be important to be positive going forward."