Dubuque to hire consultant for Viking River Cruise

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - Viking River Cruises offers river cruises across the world and wants to begin touring the Mississippi.

However, in order for the company to stop in Dubuque, they say the city needs to build a new dock.

The company said it could cost up to $4 million and said they are interested in partnering with the city to make this happen.

But the consultant did not give specifics during a work session on Monday.

"We are willing and want to participate in making these things happen," David Simons, the Viking River Cruise Consultant, said.

The company still has to build the boats, which usually takes two years.

Simons says Viking could build up to six boats and each would carry up to 390 passengers.

The boats would stop in Dubuque about 17 times between July and the end of October if the dock is built.