Dubuque restaurant owners hope third party delivery service boosts sales

An EatStreet sticker is on Mario's front door in Dubuque. (Charlie Grant, KCRG-TV9)
An EatStreet sticker is on Mario's front door in Dubuque. (Charlie Grant, KCRG-TV9)(KCRG)
Published: Mar. 8, 2019 at 5:40 PM CST
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A new food delivery service launched in Dubuque this week, and some restaurant owners are hoping it gives a boost to their business.

The third-party service is called EatStreet. People can order food from area restaurants via the company's website or app and get it delivered right to their door.

Paul Unsen, owner of PitaPit on the west end of town, said his nearly year-old business is doing well. However, he's hoping things will get even better by collaborating with EatStreet.

"It's going to really work out in our favor hopefully as we gain sales," he said.

Delivery is something Paul does on his own already, but he says it's tough to make staff available for it all the time.

He said it's difficult "to find good people with driver's licenses and reliable transportation, and then some people don't want to drive their own car."

A Dubuque staple is also trying this out. Mario's in Dubuque hasn't tried delivery until now.

"We obviously want our customers to come in here and enjoy the restaurant, but some actually can't come in, so this is a good way to get back out to them," Mario's Manager Ryan Robinson said.

EatStreet offers free delivery to new customers for 30 days, but then it will charge.

"It's just a very minimal delivery fee between $1.99 and $3.99," Macy Nguyen, EatStreet Campaign Manager, said.

The company also takes money from the restaurant on your order.

Nguyen said, "that varies per restaurant, but again very minimal fee."

Other delivery services might jack up a restaurant's prices to make money, and that doesn't sit well with Unsen.

"If a customer orders two pitas and gets it for $20 why would they ever come in? Because they would think, 'wow, $20 is a lot of money for pitas,' but you paid to get it delivered to your house," said Unsen.

He likes that EatStreet doesn't change his prices on its app. He looks forward to what this might do for his business.