Dubuque launches "Imagine Dubuque" campaign

Published: Aug. 19, 2016 at 4:50 PM CDT
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If you have some ideas for ways improve the Dubuque community, the city wants to hear it.The City of Dubuque is launching a campaign to develop a new Comprehensive Plan for Dubuque and define the community's future. City staff says the people of community will decide that plan.

On a muggy Friday afternoon, Evan England and his little sister, Kimberly, are enjoying some ice cream. While scooping up dipping dots, they're dreaming about Dubuque building an outdoor water park, just like they've been to in other cities.

It's with the youngest Dubuque residents in mind that the city is launching "Imagine Dubuque".

"A comprehensive plan is the city's road map for the future. It helps inform policy decisions and community initiatives," said David Johnson, Assistant City Planner.

The last time Dubuque drafted a full comprehensive plan was in 1996.

"Millennials were children then, so a lot has changed," said Johnson.

In 1996, the community was seeking a diverse economy and amenities along the Mississippi River.

Johnson said, "The community said we need to pay close attention to our river front and that's a missed opportunity. And since then, we've seen a re-birth of the Port of Dubuque."

This time, the city says they'll reach out to the people of the community, rather than simply asking people to come to the city with ideas.

The city will be asking for comprehensive plan ideas over the next 14 months. City staff will be hosting workshops, sending out surveys, they even launched an app where you can submit suggestions. They hope to have a Comprehensive plan complete by next fall.