Dubuque landfill sells rights to natural gas, will be used as fuel for cars and homes

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency says they are selling the rights to the natural gas at the landfill in Dubuque. They said the move will reduce the landfill's effect on the environment and create more local jobs.

Currently the Dubuque Metro Landfill burns off the natural gas from the landfill to reduce its effect on the environment. Now, the gas will be sold, bringing in up to $700,000 annually. (Aaron Scheinblum, KCRG)

Earlier this week, the DMASWA's Board of DIrectors approved a take over by Trillium, a natural gas company out of Texas.

Landfills naturally emit methane and carbon dioxide. Currently the gas from the Dubuque Metro Landfill is burned into the atmosphere to decrease its effect on the environment.

Now that Trillium will take over the gas rights and sell it, staff members say it will no longer emit anything into the atmosphere. John Foster, Solid Waste Agency Administrator for DMASWA, said this move will create additional revenue while also providing a boost in local jobs.

"We're taking virtually a waste product that's from the landfill, a processed waste, and converting it into a usable resource," Foster said. "By doing that, we're bringing a bit more value to the agency itself. And then, of course, local jobs is the third portion of this."

Foster said this could bring in up to $700,000 and it would have the potential to produce more than one million gallons of fuel annually.