Dubuque city council approves buying two rental units to rehab into single family use

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The Dubuque city council approved the purchase of two downtown homes Monday night.

The city of Dubuque will buy, rehab and sell 2243 Central Ave. (Charlie Grant, KCRG-TV9)

The city will purchase 2601 Jackson St. from American Trust for $30,000 and will buy 2243 Central Avenue from Corey Lansing for $34,950.

Both buildings are former rental units and the city will transform them into single family owned homes.

Rehabilitation Program Supervisor Kris Neyen says rehab could cost between $150,000 and $180,000 for each home.

"Both of them are considered historic buildings. They both are going to need a lot of lead removal and we have to meet the SHPO guildlines, which is the State Historic Preservation, so that means we have to keep them historic," she explained.

The city purchases and rehabilitates the homes with money from the Community Development Block Grant and Housing Tax Increment Financing.

Neyen says converting these two homes will help the city reach its goal of buying 120 rental units to turn into single family homes.

She says it's important to increase home ownership in these neighborhoods because home owners take pride in their properties and create a friendlier environment.