Dubuque Museum of Art displays pop art at their 'First Fridays' event

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Pop art was the theme for the Dubuque Museum of Art's First Fridays event on Friday.

First Fridays happens on the first Friday of every month in conjunction with other art galleries in town.

"We encourage people to do a gallery hop, where they can go to the Gallery C, Studio Works or the library, whoever might be featuring art for that month or that season," explained Dubuque Art Museum Marketing and Events Manager Katherine Schroeder.

The exhibit that's currently showing at the Dubuque Museum of Art is called "Shiny, Sticky, Smooth: Pop Art for the Senses."

Schroeder said, "It's from the collection of Jordan Schnitzer and his family foundation and it's all kinds of pop art, we've got even Andy Warhol examples."

She says the whole point of the exhibit is to take everyday objects, like ice cream cones, and turn them into high art.

Ellen Dettmer says she loves to attend the First Fridays events.

"I think that these First Friday events are just really great for the Dubuque community. It's a chance for people to come on out and get a chance to explore some different areas that they might not have seen before."

The Museum created a partnership with Capri College to really bring the exhibit to life. Models wore pop art inspired makeup and outfits and walked around the exhibit to interact with patrons.

Capri graduate Colleen Hoffmann enjoyed being in the exhibit, as well as viewing the art pieces.

She said, “They’re beautiful. They’re like so different and stuff I haven’t actually seen before which is really nice because when you look up pop art you see Andy Warhol all the time and this was not just Andy Warhol."

The "Shiny, Sticky, Smooth: Pop Art for the Senses" exhibit will be at the Dubuque Museum of Art until May 14.