Public input offered at meeting to set food policy in Dubuque

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The Food Policy Council would like residents to offer public input to help set future policies.

The Dubuque Food Policy Council listened to community members for input on how to better connect the community to local food.

The council's goal is to help connect community members to local food sources.

Council chair Michaela Freiburger said involvement with the public is important because the issues directly affect them.

"We need the community to be behind us not only to be the boots on the ground actually doing these programs, but also to be the eyes and ears for us and to give us some sort of insight as to what we want to do in the future as a council," Freiburger said.

The Dubuque Food Policy Council has three main goals right now, including resolving food insecurity, taking advantage of county resources, and working more closely with other food councils across the state.