Dubuque County Sheriff's office warns of telephone scam

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - The Dubuque County Sheriff's office is warning area residents to be aware of a telephone scam that multiple area residents have reported.

Officials say the caller in the scam claims to be someone who works at the sheriff's office, who then claims that their is an outstanding warrant against the victim. The person on the phone then directs the victim to purchase iTunes gift cards or other gift certificates to eliminate the warrant.

Gift cards or gift certificates are never accepted by the sheriff's office as payment for a bond or any other matter. Additionally, officials will not call individuals regarding warrants against them, unless an arrangement to discuss it was already verbally agreed upon.

The phone numbers reportedly used in this scam were 563-349-7849, 563-326-8625, and 563-235-9496.

If someone already has purchased and sent something to the scammers, they are urged to contact local authorities.