Drivers wanted to test new app

Published: Jan. 17, 2018 at 8:56 PM CST
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The National Advanced Driving Simulator in Coralville wants eastern Iowa volunteers to test drive a new app.

It's part of the movement toward the day when we'll see self-driving vehicles on the road. But testing staff said if all goes well, the app could be used to make the roads safer for drivers now. There are some qualifications to participate such as owning an Android phone. The driver would open the app and let it run while driving on Interstates 380 or 80.

The purpose is to provide real time road and traffic conditions to help the driver avoid dangerous scenarios. One staff member said the more information drivers have, the safer they'll be.

"So when there's a crash we can say very specifically there's a crash one mile ahead or half a mile ahead and those kinds of things," said Daniel McGehee, the directore of National Advanced Driving Simulator.

Volunteers are paid for their time. More information can be found

or at the