Dubuque Fire and PD host inaugural youth camp

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - The Dubuque police and fire departments joined forces this week to host a youth camp.

Campers receive certificates of achievement for finishing camp.

The 40 available spots filled in under 24 hours with a wait list forming.

All of that attention came from just one Facebook post announcing the camp's inaugural year.

Campers participated in hands-on activities including rappelling, traffic stops, and crime scene investigation.

The camp's main goal was to get kids out of their comfort zones.

Officer Alex Scott also noted the importance of letting the kids get to know them as more than a badge. "Just to see us as a normal person you know, calling us by our first names, getting to know us and seeing that we like to have fun too we like to joke around. A lot of the times when children do see us they see that uniform, in a serious situation, with a negative outlook and this has been positive for the last four days."

Most police and fire training programs are not available until High School.

This camp gave the departments the chance to open up younger kids to the profession.