Donations left outside of bins are costing Goodwill

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG)- The nonprofit, Goodwill, relies on donations to fund a number of its missions that help those in the community.

Donations left outside are costing Goodwill

“We donate slightly used clothes, books, movies, and stuffed animals,” said Deb Curley.

Curley works at REM, an organization that helps adults and youth with intellectual disabilities. She donates a couple of times a year. Many of the clients she works with utilize Goodwill’s “dayhab” services or are employed by the company.

“Without those services, they wouldn’t have anything to do during the day,” she said.

Colbi Jamison, a project manager with Goodwill, said donated Items being left out of the bins is hurting their image as its partner, Hy-Vee. Even worse, Goodwill has to pay to dispose of the items that are broken or damaged from weather to be disposed of.

“When things are left outside we can’t turn it into something valuable,” said Jamison. “It takes money out of our mission.”

Jamison said it’s hard to know how much money the nonprofit is losing, but it’s one of the reasons Curley will continue to donate.

“The clients will shop here and when they are done with the items they donate them,” she said.

KCRG-TV 9 reached out to Hy-Vee which said Goodwill has been an excellent partner.