Dog hospitalized after eating 35 pieces of sugar-free gum

Published: Jan. 2, 2018 at 9:55 PM CST
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An eastern Iowa woman wants other pet owners to know about the dangers of sugar-free gum.

Her dog ate 35 pieces of gum, just three days ago.

After 72-hours at the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Clinic, Cooper gets to go home.

Caroline White is still going to have to watch him closely.

"He's on liver prevention just to make sure his levels won't drop."

The medicine is progress.

Just hours earlier Cooper was hooked up to an IV, and staff kept monitoring his blood sugar levels.

All because he jumped on the counter and ate a pack of gum.

"He was acting funny. He couldn't really walk," White said.

White did the right thing, and called the vet.

Animal experts say the problem is with the sugar-free ingredient, called Xylitol.

"I'ts probably becoming more prevalent now because there are so many more products that have Xylitol," Dr. Marty Weber said.

Xylitol is commonly found in breath mints, cough syrup or vitamins. Vets are working together to raise awareness.

"There are several peanut butters that have Xylitol. And actually veterinarians lobbied those companies to list on the label 'Do not give to pets' and unfortunately they didn't accept our recommendation.

Experts recommend people put those foods in a place pets can't get to. Or be like White, who doesn't plan to keep gum in her home anymore.

A Go Fund Me was started for Cooper's Medical Bills, for more information head to

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