Doctors testing bullet that killed 25-year-old on Highway 218 in Waterloo

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WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG) - Police in Waterloo confirm a bullet is what killed a 25-year-old woman driving home from work early Sunday morning on Highway 218.

(Photo: University of Northern Iowa)

Micalla Rettinger, along with 32-year-old Adam Kimball, was struck by that bullet. Doctors recovered the bullet from Kimball and it will now undergo testing.

Kimball is out of the hospital.

Rettinger was a former softball player for the University of Northern Iowa. The team honored her with a moment of silence before a home game against Iowa Tuesday night.

Micalla's family is asking anyone who knows what led to her death to speak up.

Police are reviewing surveillance and traffic cameras in the area of Highway 218 and Greenhill from the time of the shooting. They're asking anyone who may have heard or seen anything suspicious from around 2:30 that morning to call them.

The reward from Crimestoppers is now at $7,000.