Diocese of Des Moines releases names of 9 priests accused of abusing children

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DES MOINES (KCRG) - The Roman Catholic Diocese of Des Moines on Thursday released the names of nine priests who are accused of sexually abusing children.

According to the diocese, the abuse happened while the priests were working in the diocese between the 1950s and the 1990s.

The following list of priests was released during a press conference at the diocesan headquarters Thursday morning:

Paul Connelly, deceased in 2007
Howard Fitzgerald, resides outside the diocese
Phil Hobt, deceased in 2017
Leonard Kenkel, resides in a senior care facility within the diocese
Dennis Mangan, deceased 1976
John Ryan, deceased 2010
Richard Wagner, deceased 2012
Albert Wilerding, deceased 2004
Francis Zuch, deceased 1993

Bishop Richard Pates wrote in a letter to parishioners that he apologizes “for the pain experienced by those abused by our priests, as well as the pain this has caused to all the faithful and those in our broader society."

“I share the anger and frustration of recent reports of clerical abuse of minors and young people, he continued. "It is my sincere hope the release of this list facilitates healing, encourages additional victims who have faced abuse to come forward and begins to restore trust.”

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