Diamond Jo recipe: Cheesy Brussels sprouts with bacon

It's crazy to think the holiday season is just around the corner, so to get your menu planning going, here is a great dish you can use as an appetizer or a side dish, cheesy Brussels sprouts with bacon.

To get this recipe started, medium high heat in a large skillet, we're going to add a couple tablespoons of butter. To this butter, I'm going to add a quarter cup of shallots, and three quarters of garlic. Just give this a quick saute.

Now I'm going to add about two pounds of shaved Brussels sprouts and we want to cook these for about a minute.

So now I'm going to season my Brussels sprouts with about a quarter teaspoon of black pepper, a half a teaspoon of kosher salt, and a quarter teaspoon of paprika.

Now I have some cooked bacon, and I have about a half cup here. So now I'm going to add about eight ounces of heavy cream, we're just going to let this simmer for a minute until the cream thickens.

So now to our mixture I'm gong to add about a quarter cup of grated Swiss, and about a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese. We're going to give this a quick stir, and i'm going to transfer this mixture into a baking pan. And I"m using a little cast iron skillet. And we're going to toss this into the oven at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

So give this recipe a try. It'll make a Brussels sprout lover out of the pickiest eater in your home.