Despite warning, protesters fight to keep Bakken Pipeline from crossing Mississippi River

Published: Oct. 6, 2016 at 1:37 PM CDT
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Protesters say the threat of eviction from a Bakken Pipeline protest site has only strengthened their numbers.

Since late August protesters have held camp near the entrance to a pipeline work site just north of Keokuk. Many of the protesters have been arrested attempting to block equipment that is being used to construct the pipeline near the river. The pipeline will eventually be used to carry oil from North Dakota to Illinois.

Earlier this week protesters received notice from the Lee County Attorney's Office that they were to remove "any tents, posts, signs, trash, litter, debris, waste material on the county road right of way on Mississippi River Road" or face arrest. As of Thursday afternoon many items remained in the ditch, including tents, signs and other debris.

Protesters say they will continue to fight against the pipeline and that they are seeing more people come out to the camp site despite the notice. One protester said she has been arrested five times.

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