Des Moines School District says referee's missed call impacted coach's resignation

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) - School officials in Des Moines are responding to a controversial play during a high school game that led to the resignation of a football coach.


The play involved Lincoln and Dowling Catholic high schools last Friday.

Video shows a Dowling player hit the quarterback helmet to helmet. It's a hit that's highly penalized as the sport fights head injuries. But the referee doesn't call it. The quarterback is the son of assistant coach Jason Storm, who started to swear and charged at referees.

Storm admitted he went too far and resigned, but now the district says that hit could have caused serious injury to both players.

The district said the referee is responsible for a missed call.

"We think, at a minimum, they should look at this tape," Phil Reoder, with the Des Moines School District, told station KCCI. "This appears to be a textbook situation when the flag should have been thrown. We hope the referee realizes his mistake because clearly there was one when you go back and hit replay. Clearly a big missed call."

School officials said Storm was only a coach with the district and not subject to any further discipline.

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