Dentists in Iowa may charge additional fee for PPE

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 7:34 AM CDT
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Dental offices in Iowa began reopening earlier this month, but the cost of their mandatory personal protective equipment isn't covered by the state.

Some dentists are having to pass on the extra cost to their customers.

Lynda Courage went in for an appointment at her regular dentist's office earlier this week.

Courage says her experience was different from what she's used to with all the added precautions. But, what really surprised her was a new $10 PPE fee on her bill.

“I went, ‘oh boy, this is new,’” Courage said. “But it’s almost as expected anymore though because they were all downed up with the mask and the hats and the gloves and the booties and the gown and stuff and extra glasses.”

Courage said the charge came as a bit of a shock, but she does understand the need for the new fee.

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