Daycare provider charged after child suffers broken leg

Victoria Stastny, 21, Cedar Rapids, is accused of child endangerment causing serious injury.
Victoria Stastny, 21, Cedar Rapids, is accused of child endangerment causing serious injury.(KCRG)
Published: Oct. 27, 2017 at 10:49 PM CDT
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To look at him now, you'd never guess three months ago Max Walker suffered a horrible leg break.

It happened this summer, on July 18. Max had been at his daycare provider's, Victoria Stastny. The 21-year-old Cedar Rapids woman had been recommended to the Walker family.

When RaeEllen Walker picked her son up that day, something was off.

"The minute I opened the door, he was crying and screaming,” said RaeEllen. “Just, in a way I've never heard him before."

The crying didn’t subside. Within an hour of picking the child up, RaeEllen decided to take Max to a hospital. There, a physician told the mother her one-year-old had suffered something called a spiral fracture to his left femur. It an injury medical experts said required a significant amount of force.

After months of investigation, authorities have decided to charge the daycare provider, Victoria Stastny, with child endangerment causing serious injury. That’s a class C felony in Iowa, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden said in a criminal complaint, the daycare provider had admitted to becoming “frustrated” with Max, grabbing the child's arm and leg, then tossing him “from one couch to another.”

To make it worse, Max may have had the injury for hours before getting to a doctor for treatment.

"It was an immediate admission into the hospital," said RaeEllen.

For around six weeks, Max was stuck in a cast while his left leg healed. The recovery was a painful ordeal for him and his family.

"There was just so much time that had to go into taking care of him,” said RaeEllen. “It was just 24-7. He couldn't sleep through the night. It was like taking care of an infant."

Since getting out of the cast, Max has returned to his rambunctious self. RaeEllen said the long term prognosis looks very good and that her son seldom slows down, like any near-two-year-old.

RaeEllen said she was happy to hear of the arrest and hopes soon to put this nightmare behind her-- focusing on Max's future and not his painful past.

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