Data show recent spike in Iowa City shootings

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) -- Iowa City police are trying to figure out why there has been more gunfire in the city recently.

Police have made two arrests after two separate shootings Friday night, one on Hollywood Boulevard and another on West Benton Street.

23-year-old Delorian Banks and 28-year-old Terrell Scott are facing a long list of weapons charges for the shooting incident on Hollywood Boulevard.

Cedric Johnson of Iowa City lives near where the shots were fired on Hollywood Boulevard. Johnson says he has become numb to the sound of gunfire.

"I'm used to it," said Johnson.

Friday night's two shootings make up a total of five that have happened in a nine day period in Iowa City. The five shootings represent more than 60% of total cases so far this year.

That includes gun shots at Mercer Park which police arrested a 15 year-old for that event.

No one was hit in any of those recent shootings.

Iowa City Police department spokesperson Sgt. Derek Frank tells the I9 investigative team police have increased patrols after the shootings. Frank says he is not sure why there have been so many gunshots in recent days.

"There is a possible connection between some of them," said Frank.

Friday night's Hollywood Boulevard shooting is near the Police Substation that is set to close in September. Police Chief Jody Matherly cited a reduction in crime in the area as a reason to close it. Sgt. Frank says he doesn't think recent incidents mean police need to change their plans which Johnson agrees.

"Its been right there, it hasn't stopped nothing yet," said Johnson.

The substation is also near where officers shot and wounded a robbery suspect last month as he tried to ram parked cars to get away. Officers were cleared for using their weapons in that shooting.

I9 reached out to the mayor and city council to talk about the plans to close the substation but we are still waiting to hear back at this time.