Dalles Jacobus dedicates song to the 'Iowa wave'

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Dalles Jacobus was the team leader for Kennedy when the Cougars made it to the state title game his senior season. He decided to walk-on at Iowa as an undersized defensive tackle.

"I'm sharing the same struggle as everybody here that came on scholarship," said Jacobus. "So it's been a tough fight obviously, but having all of my teammates by my side supporting me and encouraging me, it's been pretty easy to get through."

Jacobus is known for his personality, but also his musical talent.

"I started playing guitar after the bowl game this year," he said. "I went out and bought a guitar and tried to teach myself."

He eventually wrote a song dedicated to the 'Iowa wave' called, "So We Wave." He performed it for the first time last month in front of friends and family during a party held by his roommate, Shaun Beyer.

"They started cheering, and I looked up, you could see the crocodile tears in the audience," he said. "It was really a moving moment."