DNR continues to monitor Dubuque County deer population after extended hunting season

Published: Mar. 25, 2019 at 9:32 PM CDT
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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says it's closely monitoring the deer population in Dubuque County after it confirmed one case of chronic wasting disease in


That's a neurological disease that eats holes in the brains of deer. Symptoms include weight loss and disorientation and it's always fatal.

At a meeting in Peosta on Monday, DNR CWD Coordinator Terry Haindfield said the extended hunting season yielded no additional cases of CWD. Still, he said that doesn't mean the county is in the clear.

"It's a good indicator that there's not widespread disease in this area. But we'll know a lot more after next season," he said.

Next hunting season, Haindfield said the agency is asking hunters to prevent the spread by disposing of carcasses properly, reporting sick looking deer and giving samples. Haindfield says the DNR will also work with the city of Dubuque.

He said, "we'll work with them as far trying to get more samples from those hunters that hunt within the city limits so we can monitor and find out if the disease is actually in the city."

A Dubuque County hunter named Ryan Peterson says it didn't surprise him the disease found its way into this area because of cases in Clayton and Allamakee County. He plans to do his part to keep populations small.

"I think a balanced herd is what we need. And so I try to make sure that I take a few deer for my family, I also try to make sure that we harvest a number of deer that we can donate to either the HUSH program, or other families in need, and so I think everybody can try to do their part," Peterson said.

For more information about CWD, visit the