Cy visits Cedar Rapids school to teach valuable lesson

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Students in a Cedar Rapids elementary school classroom learned firsthand to not take rivalries too far.

Alex Theriault loves the cyclones, and wears this sweatshirt to school a couple times a week. This year, some peers teased Alex for wearing the hoodie and said his favorite team loses too many games.

Kathy Lynott wanted her fourth grade class to think about how simple phrases or even actions can hurt others. So she invited some special guests, from ISU, to her class Wednesday morning.

Cy the mascot also greeted the class. He gave treats to the rest of the class, if they promised to be respectful of ISU fans. Making this Alex's best day of school this year.

"Everyone coming here to our classroom and yeah I think that's the coolest part about today,” Alex said.

A sign of success for the Lynott.

"Part of our curriculum is talking about friendship and community its as important as reading science and math lessons,” she said.

And she's credits the Theriault family for telling her what was wrong. Alex's siblings, dad and mom joined the celebration.

"She mentioned just quickly it wasn't such a good day. He lost his lunch box and then was teased about wearing some of his Iowa State gear and that night is started thinking this is what we're going to be talking during our community group."

Through this community lesson, Alex is comfortable in the classroom. He even shared why he wants to be a future cyclone. And he's confident he persuaded some other peers to do the same.

"Some people I think I did convince,” Alex said.

A district spokeperson said this isn't an example of bullying, but rather teasing.