Cutting down on time at the grill without missing out

Grilling is delicious, but it can be time-consuming to do it every single day. (KCRG)
Grilling is delicious, but it can be time-consuming to do it every single day. (KCRG)(KCRG)
Published: May. 9, 2020 at 12:37 PM CDT
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Grilling is delicious, but it can be time-consuming to do it every single day. Fareway Dietitian Whitney Hemmer has some ways to make grilling work for you.

Grill Once, Eat Twice

Have you ever wondered how you can enjoy the flavors of the grill, without grilling every day? Utilizing "planned overs" (leftovers that you've worked into your weekly menu) not only saves you time, but money.

However, grilled proteins – like steak – don't always reheat to the same quality, so it's best to think of other ways to use them. To stretch your steak leftovers (and your dollar) try using your leftover steaks in our Beef and Blue Cheese sliders or our Steak Phillies.

Bonus: our Phillies are freezer friendly. So, even if you don't want to eat them this week, you can still enjoy two months from now with little-to-no work.

Beef and Blue Cheese Sliders
Makes 4 servings Total time: 25 minutes


8 whole wheat dinner rolls

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 onion, thinly sliced

8 ounces cooked steak (such as boneless sirloin strip), sliced

1/2 cup blue cheese dressing

1 1/2 cups fresh baby greens, such as spinach or arugula


Heat olive oil over medium heat. Saute onion until caramelized, 10 – 15 minutes.

Spread blue cheese dressing on the bottom of rolls and top with greens, steak, and onions.

Nutrition information per serving: 410 calories; 24.4 g fat; 46.7 mg cholesterol; 577.6 mg sodium; 33 g carbohydrate; 5 g fiber; 7 g sugar; 17.8 g protein


Ribeye Philly Cheesesteaks (freezer-friendly)
Makes 4 servings Total time: varies


1 Tbsp olive oil

1 bell pepper, sliced

1 small onion, sliced

2 (8 ounce) ribeye steaks, thinly sliced

1/4 tsp seasoned salt


4 buns, any kind

4 slices provolone cheese


Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Sauté peppers and onions for about 5 minutes or until they begin to soften. Remove from skillet. Season steak slices with seasoned salt and add to skillet. Sear for 2 minutes on each side or until cooked through.

Combine peppers, onions, and steak.

Let mixture cool, then store in a freezer-friendly container or baggie.

To serve: let cheesesteak mix thaw overnight in the refrigerator. Layer cheesesteak mix and provolone cheese on a bun. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake at 350°F for 10–15 minutes or until cheese has melted.

Nutrition information per serving: 577 calories; 32.9 g fat; 14 g saturated fat; 88.8 mg cholesterol; 39.5 g carbohydrate; 4.1 g fiber; 5.4 g sugar; 30.7 g protein


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