Crisis Intervention Center, cyclocross park among topics at Johnson Co joint meeting

Published: Jan. 22, 2018 at 9:47 PM CST
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Officials from cities across Johnson County met up today with county leaders with one goal in mind: how they can improve their overall community.

They came to the table to discuss a few topics. County officials gave updates on where things stand with the Crisis Intervention Center. That's the program the county is putting together to help with jail overcrowding. Another topic included additions to a park that does cross country skiing, cyclocross and more.

Johnson County supervisor Mike Carberry said everyone is on board for the Crisis Intervention Center. It's a jail alternative for people who suffer from mental health and addiction problems.

"It makes me very excited and I think it makes everybody excited that we're all on the same page and that we have buy in from everybody because if one entity basically says oh we really don't want to do that, you know that could really drag down the project," said Carberry.

A location still has to be purchased and renovated but city councils can't wait to see the finished product.

"It will enable us to treat people faster. People don't have to go to the emergency room and wait. Police officers will have more time to do what they're called to do," said Laurie Goodrich with the Coralville City Council.

Goodrich and others in Coralville are getting ready to add on to Creek Side Cross course. It's located near the Creekside Ballpark. The course opened last August and is great for cyclocross biking, cross country running, and cross country skiing.

"Kind of an extreme sport kind of thing where people can just come and play and be out in creation and in the open when they are right in the city limits," said Goodrich.

Carberry said these meetings help build up the community.

"I think it builds camaraderie. It builds a sense of we're all in this together because we are," said Carberry.

Another topic of discussion was a year long study on city buses with a big focus on Iowa City. City leaders said they want to make sure people who work late shifts and on weekends have access to public transportation.