Couple sentenced to 30 years in prison for locking child in basement

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HARDIN COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG) - A Hardin County couple accused of locking a child in a small confinement in their basement received sentences of three decades in prison.

Alex Shadlow, 31, left, and Traci Tyler, 40, right (Courtesy: Hardin County Jail)

Last month, the boy's father, Alex Shadlow, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and two counts of child endangerment causing serious injury.

Shadlow's girlfriend, Traci Tyler, pleaded guilty to three counts of child endangerment causing serious injury. A judge found Tyler guilty of false imprisonment and sentenced her to one year in jail on that charge as well as a 315 dollar fine.

Prosecutors say the couple would only let the boy out of a six-foot by six-foot area under the stairs to go to school which was across the street from their home in Ackley.

Court documents show the enclosure was dark, had a cement floor with no blankets or pillows and a tin can to use as a toilet.

The couple would lock him in there for long periods of time.