Couple reunited with dachshund nearly a week after car crash

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - A hairless dachshund missing for nearly a week after a car crash is back home with its family.

On Wednesday around 11 a.m. someone ran a stop sign and hit Phil and Norma Buchmayer and their three dachshunds. The crash happened at 190th while they were traveling North on Highway 1.

"I could remember seeing the daylight from my door because it had bent so bad and the airbags popping and I could feel all the wind and glass being broken… I just kept thinking just hold on a little bit longer," Phil Buchmayer said.

Norma and Phil Buchmayer said they've shed a lot of tears over the past week, but on Tuesday, they were happy tears.

"This is all we wanted back to have him back and you guys made it happen… the people did," Norma Buchmayer said.

The impact of the crash ejected both of them from the car and left them with severe injuries. After they found out they were going to be okay, they immediately started asking about their three dogs.

"I said what about my dogs, how are my dogs,? Phil Buchmayer said, "he said said well how many dogs did you have?' and I said 'I had three dogs and they are all mini weiner dogs,' and he said one was seen running from the accident he was cold and he said one is right by your side and I looked over and my other one was dragging her back feet and whimpering and she crawled right up to my waist she stopped whimpering and I put my hand on her."

A vet had to put down Frankie because of her injuries.

Now they are thankful to have Dijon and Monroe back where they should be, in their laps.

Tuesday morning, just South of the crash site a man went to get his truck out of a shed and saw Monroe's eyes in the lights. That family contacted Washington police, and they contacted the Buchmayors. He was halfway between 190th and 200th and the accident was at 190th

"He's been with me through a lot through everything I have ever had to go through so to find him was like a big step forward for us to be able to start healing too," Phil Buchmayer said.

Monroe passed an initial exam, but they said he did lose five pounds. They plan to take him to his vet Wednesday.

The dogs and their owners slowly healing together.