Eastern Iowa couple rushes to help put out farm fire

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HOMESTEAD, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) A farm near Williamsburg is now safe thanks to the help of a good Samaritan couple.

It happened around 9 a.m. this morning on at 2135 T Avenue in Homestead. That's near I-80.

The couple says they had no idea what was going on but followed the smoke to make sure everyone was okay.

"We were leaving to go to Iowa City for some errands and we saw this big black cloud," said Williamsburg Resident Rick Wells.

That cloud of smoke concerned Rick and Chelsea Wells enough to jump in the car, call 911 and check out the scene.

"The barn was completely on fire," said Williamsburg Resident Chelsea Wells. "The flames were taller than the house and they were kind of going towards the house."

While Chelsea moved the car safely away with her toddler in tow, Rick says he got out to help..

"(I was) Pounding on all the doors to try to get inside to see if anybody was in the house but we couldn't get inside," said Rick Wells.

Rick Wells says when he was sure no one was in danger, he went to shut off the propane tanks

"(I was) trying to stop the fire because the roof was catching fire and the fire was melting," said Rick Wells.

"I was scared for him because it's always the good Samaritan that's the one that gets hurt," said Chelsea Wells. "I was scared for him because if there was propane something could happen and from where I was sitting I thought he was going inside the barn, which he was."

Rick Wells says he acted out of instinct.

"If somebody was going by my house I think it would be the right thing to do," said Rick Wells.

Again, no one was hurt. The incident is still under investigation.