Cottage Grove Place in Cedar Rapids brings in live music to bring joy to workers & residents

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 4:32 PM CDT
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Residents at care centers across the state may be feeling very isolated right now because of COVID-19 risks.

Residents at care centers nationwide are not allowed to be with family members right now, as many are at the highest risk of complications from COVID-19.

To celebrate nursing home week, Cottage Grove Place in Cedar Rapids brought in live music to bring joy to workers and residents' faces during this tough time.

Amber Taft with Cottage Grove Place said, "Music just brings them out of their shell. It brings them happiness, joy. I see a lot of time they dance here with the staff. So I thought this would be a good fit for these residents at Cottage Grove."

Danny Whitson performed at the care center on Friday. Whitson said, "tt's nice to do something nice for other people. Making other people happy. Make them fill entertained. Kinda getting back to the roots of things"