Cornell College students create their own play

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MOUNT VERNON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The premiere of "Cornell-O-Drama" Thursday night comes after about a month of planning and rehearsing, with no outside help.

"This is a completely original show. It's a devised piece,” Rosemary Vigil said.
Vigil, a junior, is the director of this play. She approached The Student Theater Council that she wanted to create a show. And so, she gathered a cast.

At first- actors didn't have a script. They just did improv about loose topics.

"I would throw them up there, and they would improvise. So they would know what needs to happen but they wouldn't have lines,” Vigil said.

Rosemary wrote down what they said, and from there the cast worked together to write an official script. The final product is a western melodrama that's set decades ago, on a college campus.

"I think the editing was my favorite part, it was fun to take the stuff that was funny and improvised but a little rough and turn it into what really feels like a play,” Victoria Pirani said.

And this entire process has inspired other younger students get more involved.

"I'm proposing to do this next year but as a director,” Pirani said.

Realizing they can put on a full-play with just each other.

“Of course I would want more time to rehearse but now that we're here I'm happy with what we have,” Vigil said.